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The IPS Can School offers a wide range of training options to help support the can industry. Our training programs are aimed to develop the existing skills of your staff as well as adding to their base of knowledge. Our instructors are can industry professionals with skills earned through years of hands on experience. Not only does our staff possess the required knowledge, but they have the skills and attitude to teach in an informative manner designed for information to be retained long after the training has finished.

IPS offers training in the following areas:

Equipment Specific Training

Our equipment training combines classroom learning with hands on instruction. This approach ensures your employees not only have a solid understanding of each piece of equipment but also the skills required to execute.

  • Cupper
  • Bodymaker
  • Trimmer
  • Washer
  • Necker/Flanger
  • Palletizer

Materials Development

IPS has developed training materials for some of the leaders in the can making industry. Our manuals, presentations and course outlines help create a standardized process for training throughout an entire organization.

Tool Room Training

One of the many valuable training programs IPS provides is Tool Room training. Some of the highlights of these programs include:

  • Recommended Operating Procedures
  • Inventory Control
  • Rework Procedures
  • Inspection/Tolerancing
  • Recommended Tool Room Equipment
  • Tooling Drawing Control
  • Tool Life Assessment

Quality Control Training

IPS can help your organization take its products, processes and services to the next level through its comprehensive series of quality control training programs. Proper quality control will not only help deliver superior products to your customer, but it will help save money by eliminating and restructuring poorly functioning processes.

On-the-Job Training

By utilizing our experienced staff, IPS can help train, qualify and develop your employees. On-the-job training is one of the most productive training methods because it takes place at the employees work site. On-the-job training is a great way to broaden employee knowledge and develop specific skill sets. IPS can develop custom training programs specific to you plant.

  • Equipment specific
  • Front End specific
  • Back End specific

Materials Training

IPS partners with some of the foremost materials experts in the can industry and offers a number of training options designed to properly select and control direct and indirect materials.

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