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Over the years IPS has developed numerous equipment upgrades and specialty machines all designed to improve can plant performance.  Our upgrades range from Decorator speed-up packages, palletizer modifications with better chip-board dispensers, to oven cable systems allowing more air volume with no down cans.



ToolSCAN, Precise Tooling Measurement System

The ToolSCAN uses a non-contact LED micrometer to measure Punch OD and contour scan / Die ID and OD. One of the most innovative features of the ToolSCAN is the punch scan feature. It scans the punch contour along the longitudinal profile measuring all the punch profiles and transitions making it ideal for punch step and rework analysis. Some of the ToolSCAN features include:

  • Fully automated and easy to operate
  • Measures longitudinal scan of a punch profile
  • Customizable reports with easy Pass/Fail analysis
  • Designed specifically for can plant environments
  • For more information visit the ToolSCAN page



X2 Cross Hatch Machine

At the beginning of 2012 IPS released their new, state of the art cross hatch machine. The X2 Cross Hatch is designed to improve punch life, optimize Bodymaker punch stripping and improve tear-off performance. Some of the features the X2 Cross Hatch include are:

  • Fully programmable HMI interface
  • Quick connect/disconnect punch mount system
  • Pressure controlled cross hatch mechanism
  • Fully integrated safety features
  • For more information visit the X2 Cross Hatch Machine page



ChainLUBE, Electrostatic Chain Lubricator

The ChainLUBE system employs twin charged nozzles positioned to apply lubricant to the critical internal components of a grounded chain. The ChainLUBE improves the function and extends the life of any chain system. Some of the features include:

  • Fully programmable HMI interface
  • Quick connect/disconnect punch mount system
  • Pressure controlled cross hatch mechanism
  • Fully integrated safety features
  • For more information visit the ChainLUBE page


ToolCLEAN, Ultra-Sonic Tool Cleaning System

The ToolCLEAN, Ultra-Sonic Tool Cleaning System removes aluminum or tin pick-up from Bodymaker punches and dies, Necker dies and knockouts. This system is quick and effective and will never alter the profile of your expensive tooling. Some of the features the ToolCLEAN include are:

  • IPS proprietary & proven caustic cleaning system
  • Ultrasonic, heated & temperature controlled
  • Comprehensive equipment & procedure manuals
  • For more information visit the ToolCLEAN page


AccuSTRIP, Bodymaker Stripper Fingers

The AccuSTRIP stripper finger assembly is precision designed to eliminate Bodymaker tearoffs with improved stripping. Each assembly is custom designed for specific bodymaker punches to optimize performance and assure reliability. For more information visit the AccuSTRIP Stripper Finger page.





ToolVIEW, Digital Tool Inspection

ToolVIEW is a high quality visual inspection platform that combines
specialized equipment in an all-in-one system. The ToolVIEW allows
inspection of can making tooling by magnified visual inspection or
dimensionally checked using the digital magnification feature.
ToolVIEW’s digital microscope is capable of taking pictures of
inspected tooling that can be processed on the on-board computer,
saved and shared with tool room personnel. For more information visit the ToolVIEW page.



RamALIGN, Static Bodymaker Alignment Tool

The RamALIGN is a static bodymaker alignment Tool that was created to take the guess work out of bodymaker alignment and drastically reduce downtime. This easy to use tool will support the positioning of the redraw sleeve, redraw die, stripper and verify domer location along with other tooling. For more information visit the RamALIGN page.




TrimCHECK, Calibrated Can Height Gauge

TrimCHECK is an ingeniously simple tool that provides quick reference for the trim height of a can immediately following the trimming operation. TrimCHECK is a simple yet robust on-line tool that can be used instead of cumbersome measurement systems. For more information visit the TrimCHECK page.



CanSTATS, Data Reporting System

CanSTATS provides a centralized database with both real-time and historical data that is easy to access and simple to understand. Having access to information about every aspect of the plant is a powerful tool - allowing informative decisions to be made quickly and efficiently. For more information visit the CanSTATS page.


TightPACK Washer Cable System

The TightPACK washer cable system is designed to eliminate washer spoilage by ensuring a tight can pack passes through the washer that is supported by cables on both sides. The TightPACK system is fully adjustable and can be made to fit any can plant's needs. For more information visit the TightPACK Washer Cable System page.


ToolCHECK, Complete Tool Room Measurement System

ToolCHECK is a complete tool measurement and inventory control system specifically designed by can makers for can plants. This integrated system brings together IPS tool room equipment (ToolSCAN, ToolVIEW and other IPS tool room equipment) that share a common software platform. This centralized data provides a complete picture of tool specifications and inventory reducing waste and tooling expenditures. For more information visit the ToolCHECK page.


X3, Punch Polisher

The X3 was built on the proven X2 platform and chassis. The X3 is a punch polisher but it offers many of the same outstanding surface preparation benefits as its brother. The polishing is precisely computer controlled so the finish is repeatable and consistent. Different polishing parameters can be preprogramed for different sized punches and different punch manufacturing requirements. For more information visit the X3 page.


Quick Cool IC Spray Feature

High temperature locations or close coupled pin oven/IC sprayers need temperature control of cans.  IPS has a solution for this issue that is proven to work well


Decorator Upgrades

IPS can provide customized, proven upgrades at a cost effective, value added price.


Palletizer Retrofit

IPS has performed many speedup packages on many old palletizers

  • Better laning devices
  • New chipboard magazines and pallet placement
  • Rewritten logic with higher speeds in mind


Self-Clearing Bi-Di Option

This option ensures smoother, faster label changes by eliminating the manpower associate with clearing dead plates by automating the process.


Automated Baler Room

Eliminate manpower and injuries by installing a fully automated baler room, complete with robotic palletizer, powered conveyors and full auto-strapper.

  • Pallet-less briquette stacking


Oven Upgrades/Oven Speed-Ups

Over the last few decades can line speeds in many cases have more than doubled. Most manufacturers are using the old ovens with little to no modifications. IPS has been very successful in speeding up ovens with various engineering solutions.

  • Complete rebuilds
    • Fans, burners, stacks and electrical
    • Re-sheeting washer ovens from corrosion
  • IBO Metal exposure work
    • IPS has had very good luck solving existing issues related to metal exposure by making modifications to existing ovens














X2 Cross Hatch
























washer cable system