Coming Soon… The IPS GunMOUNT PRO™ is an IC Spray gun mount that can be added to most IC spray machines available in the can manufacturing industry. The GunMOUNT PRO uses servo motors to precisely control the position of each spray gun relative to the can size. The GunMOUNT PRO has an HMI that can easily be programmed for various can-size “recipes” to ensure changeover between different can sizes is easy and always accurate. Gun position “recipes” in the GunMOUNT PRO are built around the same spray gun position parameters used by spray gun manufacturers and coating suppliers, making programing and using the GunMOUNT PRO simple and easy.


  • Featured on IPS CanSPRAY™ IC Spray Machine
  • Available as retrofit on most standard IC Spray Machines

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Servo controlled gun positioning
  • Ability to store multiple position profiles for different can sizes

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